Greenfield Services Inc

Increased Monthly Leads by 52% (Over 100 Leads/Month)

Decreased Cost Per Click  by 7%


Here at green field services, they provide all excavation and underground utility services. Including land clearing, mass excavation, structural excavation, grading and compacting, sewer storm and water mainlines, and installation of all underground structures. Back in April 2022, they started Google PPC campaigns but they were not getting any conversions even after spending around $1000 per month and facing higher CPCs and a 0% conversion rate.


To help Green Field Services improve its marketing performance, we developed a comprehensive plan focused on improving the website’s user experience and PPC search text ads and smart campaigns targeting their different service landing pages.

The Approach

After analyzing the client's past campaigns and conducting thorough audits, we identified several areas for improvement to increase overall marketing metrics. One key area that needs a lot of improvement is the website landing page experience and Call to action which were missing from the website even though there wasn’t any lead or contact form given on the service page. After completing the audit of the campaigns and landing pages we made the strategy that we had shared below.


Through our efforts, we were able to achieve the following results for Greenfield Services:

  • Increased Monthly Leads by 52% (Over 100 Leads/Month)
  • Cost per click decreased by 7%
  • Increased CTR by 20%

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