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5x Average Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

Increased conversion rate from 0.9% to a range between of 4-15%

The Challenge

When we signed the client, they had not run paid ads before thus we were tasked with setting the systems up, launching initial test campaigns and formulating a prospecting and scaling plan with a limited budget starting out.
To sustain the ads ideally, we needed to shoot for a low cost per purchase to generate a ROAS of at least 5x the ad spend.

Some of the key challenges faced by client were

  • Never Used Paid Ads
  • Slow New Customer Acquisition
  • Low engagement on social media platforms
  • Lots of untapped potential customers from organic content on TikTok (no proper call to action)
  • No idea on what creatives work etc.
  • Poor content optimisation for their ideal customer

The Solution

We conducted a deep analysis of the brand from all angles to identify opportunities for growth and come up with a solid strategy so as to achieve our goal. Here’s what we implemented so as to achieve their goals;

  • We conducted a market analysis to identify their target audience
  • A creative analysis was conducted and we came up with several winning creatives that resonate with their target audience
  • We made some changes on the website and landing page to improve overall customer experience on the site
  • We launched their first paid ads on TikTok

The Results

As a result of the intensive research we carried and implementation of the strategic approach we came with, we were able to achieve the following results;

  • 5x Average Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Increased website traffic with new customers
  • An improvement in conversion rate from 0.9% to a range between of 4-15%
  • Low cost per acquisition as a result of running targeted ads that resonate with the target audience

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