Old Town Interiors

56x Average Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

Increased the number of leads by 60%


Old Town Interiors is a contractor specializing in flooring solutions, tile installation, and HVAC. Despite having a wide range of services and a great reputation, Old Town Interiors was struggling with low lead volumes and high CPCs.


To help Old Town Interiors improve their marketing performance, we developed a comprehensive plan focused on improving the customer experience through a variety of landing pages.

The Approach

After analyzing the client’s past campaigns and conducting thorough audits, we identified several areas for improvement to increase overall marketing metrics. One key area that stood out was the lack of targeted landing pages for specific services.

The Solution

Our approach helped Old Town Interiors improve their customer experience and attract more qualified leads. By creating targeted landing pages and improving the messaging, we were able to increase the relevance of their ads to potential customers. This led to improved engagement and higher click-through rates.

The Results

Through our efforts, we were able to achieve the following results for Old Town Interiors:

  • Achieved 56X Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Increased the number of leads by 60%
  • Reduced the cost per lead by 50%
  • Reduced CPC by 40%
  • Increased CTR by 200%

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